Unwanted equipment disposal

Don’t let your unwanted IT equipment end up in landfill! Once your equipment has come to the end of its use, call us to organise the collection, removal and disposal of your items. We provide a professional, timely and friendly service!


Equipment recycling

We ensure all systems are disposed of safely, correctly and to high environmental standards. We back this up with an Asset Report and Certificate of Recycling.


Reporting and payment

We provide you with an Asset Report, Certificate of Recycling and Certificate of Data Destruction. We will let you know what we owe you at the same time as we send the reports.


Data Destruction

Cash For Computers ensures that your data is securely erased from hard drives prior to resale or recycling. All hard drives are subject to a 1-Pass data wipe as standard when they enter our warehouse. Upon request, and for an additional fee, we can also provide a 3-Pass data wipe that conforms to US Deparment of Defence clearing and sanitising standard DoD 5220.22-M, along with an accompanying Certificate of Data Destruction. You can be sure that your sensitive information is destroyed forever.

Australia-wide collection

We know your time is valuable so we will arrange a time and place that works best for you. Our professional and experienced Collections Team will arrive and collect your items – no hassle, no fuss!


Keeping it simple

Cash For Computers is all about providing a fast, easy way for you to dispose of your unwanted IT equipment. There is no need to remove or install any software or hardware on your equipment - we are happy to collect your equipment ‘as is’.


Protecting the environment

We are proud of our commitment to reduce the ever increasing volume of e-waste headed for landfill. We ensure that working equipment ends up making a difference to communities. Non-working items are dismantled into metals, plastics and glass and sent to downstream specialised recyclers.