On-Site Services

Cash For Computers offers a range of on-site services to help you be green with your old IT equipment.

On-Site Wheelie Bin

If you accumulate IT equipment more slowly, or don’t have room to store all your unwanted bits and pieces before disposal, Cash For Computers can provide you with one of our wheelie bins. Our team will drop it off at your location and you simply call us when full for replacement.

On-Site E-Waste Cage

Bigger than our wheelie bins, our cages offer you the ability to do a bigger clean up of your IT room or offer your staff a free eWaste Day.


* The picture to the left is an example only and cages do vary.

On-Site Data Erasure

Lease your computers? We can assist you before you return your leased IT equipment! Simply call us and we will arrange for our experienced and qualified technicians to safely and securely data-wipe all of the data on your hard drives.


Or, if you’d prefer this service to be performed off-site, our Collections Team will safely transport your equipment off-site, perform the data-wiping, then deliver your equipment back to the leasor.


Once all of your HDD’s have been data-wiped, we will issue you with a Certificate of Data Destruction listing each piece of equipment. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your sensitive information is destroyed forever.